Environmental protection grinding mill to promote the application value of dolomite


Dolomite is widely used in the field of industrial materials such as building materials, glass, ceramics, metallurgy, rubber, welding, papermaking and so on. Dolomite grinding mill is the magic weapon to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Fujian Fengli is the leader in the field of powder equipment manufacturing, specializing in the production of dolomite grinding mill, ultrafine grinding mill, ring roller grinding mill and other mainstream equipment, Fengli dolomite grinding mill are popular and loved with its excellent quality and first-class after-sales service.


1. Application value of dolomite

Dolomite can be processed into 200-3000 mesh dolomite powder after picking, broken, grinding. Dolomite powder filled in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, the properties and fill performance is basically the same with light calcium powder, but the cost is lower. The use of dolomite to produce universal rubber calcium and magnesium powder, used as a new type of additives and colorants, can be replacement for part or all of the light calcium powder and lithopone. Dolomite powder after surface modification can greatly enhance rubber products performance of reinforcement. The modified dolomite powder is coated with surface modifier and then filled with filler. Commonly used surface modifiers are stearic acid or stearic acid esters, titanates, zirconium aluminate, mixed silane coupling agents and the like. The purpose of the modification is to change the alkaline surface of the dolomite powder, overcome the bonding performance between the filler and the rubber, reduce the shrinkage and internal stress, prevent the crack propagation and improve the processing performance of the product strength.

2. Fengli dolomite grinding mill outstanding advantages

As a star production equipment, Fengli dolomite grinding mill has superior performance advantages and characteristics, it learn the working principle from pendulum mill, improve the pendulum mill swing mode, centrifugal rolling pressure increased by nearly 35% without change the other parameters, improve the roller and ring contact area, crushing performance greatly increased and reduce the unit energy consumption, is energy saving and environmental protection, first-class quality advanced milling equipment.

Fengli ring roller mill is our self-developed patent product (Patent Number: ZL02270593.7), by impact, extrusion, grinding and other principles of the material to crush. Step by step using centrifugall force grinding ring Shuaixiang grinding ring (stator) and rotating wall compression Juan, materials ring through the grinding mill ring gap, the impact ring by grinding, pressing, grinding and grinding, grinding ring are single or multi-layer distribution structure, the base may face for the face surface, grinding and more multi-ring, smashing face large, so crushing, high efficiency, the material fully, the product fineness good, the well-known experts and scholars found that the type of machine is advanced dry powders are finely ground non-metallic mining equipment.

PLC control system, the use of man-machine interface control panel. Make more intuitive and convenient operation, high automation degree, so that the data acquisition and remote automation control.

Good Production Efficiency

 1. Long bag off-line pulse dust collector: According to the characteristics of non-metallic mine superfine such as Calcium Carbonate, we integrated the advantages of sub-room cleaning and pulse jet cleaning technology, and develop the large efficient dust removal equipment with large amount of wind, good cleaning effect and low emission concentration. The ability of this equipment effectively enhance the extraction for more than 20%.

2. Good output and quality: Adopting unique design of the surface grinding vice and oblique grading blade wheel design to effectively reduce wind resistance and prevent the running of coarse particles.

Choose a Transmission System Plan

1. The speed reducer drive, demand is high, suitable for powder particles a molding powder. High transmission efficiency, stable powder particle size uniform.

2. Belt drive: applicable to the powder particles requirements is not high or need to pass through the second watermill powder. Such as: paper powder, powder and desulfurization. Maintenance is simple and convenient.

Choose a Powder Extraction System Solutions

1. Closed-circuit circulation system

    Return air stream, improve the internal temperature, dry powder, not easy to plug a bag. At the same time can add active additives in grinding process, improve the quality of powder. The production of PVC powder.

2. Open system

    Reduce airflow resistance, reduce energy consumption of the fan, the system installation is simple. Is suitable for the area using the humidity is low.

1. Our design idea is market-oriented and its goal is to increase customers’ satisfaction. Design according to the customers’ special requires. Achieve the perfect combination of rational investment and lower cost.
2.  According to related national standard strictly, we guarantee stable and reliable product quality with superb technique and technology.
3.  Control the production and examination of the parts and the whole machine strictly.
4.  The period of quality guarantee of the equipment is one year, but the whole machine is maintained for whole life. If we receive complaint from customers, we will respond immediately. And if necessary, we will send someone to the field at once.
5.  When technical breakthrough and improvement happen, we will do the correction and upgrade for customers with cost price only if customers will.
6.  Supply the blueprint of the product line and equipment details for free.

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