Fujian Fengli bless every father happy father's holiday!


Father plays a decisive role in one's lifetime, no matter how time changes, the worship of child toward the father will never fade away. In a child's eyes, father figure as trees; strong enough to hold up a new world, the generous shoulders, the firm eyes and the stalwart of the body is just like a vigorous tree to support the like the whole family with hope of life. Perhaps father did not have a gentle voice, without any delicate emotions, without any gentle eyes, only rugged voice, simple emotions, severe eyes, but he used his own way and emotions to give his children carefree family life, also use simple words and deeds to hold up a sky of love.

In childhood memories, the father's love is just like a ray of sunshine, to warm up every weak spirit in the cold winter night; when grown up, the father's love is just like the endless sea, the father teaches us never forget the original heart when frustrated with pure and clean heart, brave to face everything. In the field of machinery manufacturing of Fengli, there are fledgling young guy, have sharpened sleek perennial, also have solid father; they work as their own in the workshop, treat work with conscientious, obscure, selfless dedication, mentality and the perfect combination of courage for customers to create excellent quality of milling equipment; they dealing with customers as brothers and sisters at the customer site, make every effort to create perfection for the customer production line solutions, to achieve greater market value; they strive for excellence, with full of enthusiasm and superb work dedicated to the entire production line to do maintenance work in the after-sales site, the wind and sun, the overtime working, even if there is no holidays, nothing can eliminate the enthusiasm of Fengli people, they still play professional struggle spirit, go all out for each customer to crate market value, create greater success, to contribute China an global brand and make every effort with endless struggle!

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