Which slag grinding mill manufacturers is good?


Slag is a common industrial solid waste, resource recycling is more and more popular, slag processing preferred professional grinding mill equipment is high rate of powder inlet, stable performance, smooth operation and many other advantages, the most important thing is the equipment can solve low capacity, high energy consumption, high maintenance costs and other problems compared with ordinary mill, is deeply loved and praised by slag powder enterprises. Fujain Fengli is a professional manufacturer of slag grinding mill manufacturers, excellent product quality and first-class service makes our grinding mill renowned both home and abroad.

In the field of slag powder making area, Fujian Fengli has been taking improve mill quality as their responsibility, focused on quality and after-sales service, and strive to push first-class products and services to most of slag enterprises, slag grinding mill outstanding advantages and characteristics as following:

1. High capacity

Per unit of equipment production capacity is big, grinding efficiency is also high, but overall, the energy consumption is very low, is the preferred equipment for processing slag, energy consumption reduces 40-50% compared with ordinary ball mill;

2. High degree of automation

With the upgrading of modern industrial manufacturing level, more and more automated machinery and equipment are widely used in industrial production, the slag grinding mill automatic control technology using the brand PLC, greatly improved the automation level, and equipped with remote control system, can achieve no homework, to save a lot of labor costs for enterprises;

3. Excellent product quality

The quality of the finished product is a major factor for judge quality of the equipment. The most significant advantage of the equipment is that the finished product particles are plentiful, the particle size distribution is narrow, the fluidity is good, the product adaptability is strong, and the powerful weapon to enhance the enterprise.

4. Low noise, environmentally friendly production

The whole system of slag grinding mill system vibration is small, low noise, the overall seal, full negative pressure operation, dust and noise are effectively controlled, the workplace dust and noise is very low, greatly improve the construction environment.

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